Who is ione skye dating

Lastly, while Julia Roberts, hot off “Mystic Pizza” was up to play the role of D. Throughout the film, a host of familiar faces crop up.

For instance, Lloyd’s sparring partner in the kickboxing scenes (filmed on the same set as the dojo from “The Karate Kid,” and shot while Cusack had a raging hangover, after going out on the town with pal Jeremy Piven — who also pops up in the film) is sporting legend Don “The Dragon” Wilson, who would go on and star in Roger Corman‘s eight-strong series of “Bloodfist” actioners.

Kiedis dated Ione Skye, aka the object of John Cusack‘s affections in ‘Say Anything.’ She had a predilection for musicians, marrying Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz and Aussie indie rocker Ben Lee, but Kiedis dated her first.

A naked picture of the pair appears in his book ‘Scar Tissue'; it was taken when she was 18.

29 About 50 of the couple s friends and family members, including Josh Radnor from reports.

When the time came to film the scene, Cusack was actually playing “Bonin’ In The Boneyard” by one of his favourite bands, Fishbone, but only because they knew they’d be dubbing over it.But the track was a relatively last-minute addition.Crowe had scripted it to be Billy Idol’s “To Be A Lover,” and commissioned a number of bands to write possible themes.Crowe also brought in friends from the music world he knew so well: Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam plays a cab driver, Chynna Phillips from Wilson-Phillips plays Joe’s girlfriend, and the director makes a walk-on cameo along with his then-wife, Heart member Nancy Wilson, in the shopping mall scene.Also worth keeping out for: producer Polly Platt and “Cheers” star Bebe Neuwirth, Paul Thomas Anderson favorite Philip Baker Hall, and Dan Castellaneta, who was about to become the legendary voice of Homer Simpson.

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